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The way I work

I’m a film wedding photographer who believes wholeheartedly in the power of joy. While I bring unwavering expertise and poise to our time together—more than anything, I aim to cultivate a laid-back environment where you can feel, look, laugh, and love like your best self.

Experience-seeker and total family person who believes today’s love is tomorrow’s legacy

After receiving only a handful of usable images from my own wedding after hiring a friend-of-a-friend hobbyist photographer, I immediately knew: I wanted to become an exceptional photographer for others.

I wanted to use my art form to capture magic, preserve memories, and tell the honest and complete story of what are often short-lived celebrations. I wanted to make meaningful connections that acted as the catalyst for incredible images. I wanted to show up intuitively and emotionally for the couples I served—to calm their nerves, anticipate their needs, and foresee the moments that were begging to be captured. More than anything, I wanted to be the photographer that allowed you to let your hair down and have fun.

It was that deep desire to create art that mattered in a way that was memorable that led to where I am today as a fine art wedding photographer. I have a lifelong thirst for knowledge and am never quite done taking workshops or embarking on mentorships with top industry talent. With almost ten years of experience and an approach that stems from merging expertise with ease—I pride myself on ensuring our time together is as enjoyable as it is intentional.

I'm Danielle

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A green smoothie lover and total health nut, piling my plate high with nourishing and delicious food is always on my to-do list.


I’m never too busy to stop and smell the fresh, exquisitely-arranged flowers. Garden roses will forever make me weak in the knees.



I’ll never turn down an iced coffee, a restorative spa day, or time spent outside under big, blue skies.



When I’m not capturing couples or continuing my education—you’ll find me at home or on the beach, nose-deep in a good book.



My family is everything—bring on nights under string-lights, cuddles on the couch, and belly laughs around a messy table.




I have a honed eye for the most minute details—I’ll get that rogue piece of hair or wrinkle in your clothing out of the way, without ever interrupting the flow of your day.



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You believe in the beauty of balance

You work hard and play just a bit harder. You appreciate understated elegance but know how to push the aesthetic envelope. You’re decisive but laid-back, thoughtful but intuitive, a host who knows how to elevate discerning design with unforgettable experiences. You want to look amazing in your photos and feel like your most authentic self as they’re captured.

Most of all, you’re seeking a California wedding photographer who brings the highest level of acumen—and a spirit of ease—to the process.


From ethereal Wine Country wedding weekends to intimate coastal celebrations, I’m honored to have the opportunity to travel the breathtaking California coast to capture inspiring love stories. Follow along to see the rich range of landscapes, architecture, and lighting that amazes me and informs my work.


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